STI Group approach to Safety, Health & Environment

Prevention is key! Safety, health and environmental protection are important and enduring issues in a changing world.

At STI Group, protecting people and the environment is way beyond a legal or social obligation, it’s integral to our operations. For that reason, we approach safety, health and environmental protection with the same sense of responsibility – and just as methodically – as we do issues concerning product quality, productivity and cost-efficiency. 

At STI Group, we are committed to the responsible use of resources as a way to reduce our environmental impact, promoting awareness among the entire organization and stakeholders on environmental issues. For that end, we adopted the following Environmental Policy for different segments:

Waste management

  • First, avoid generating waste.
  • Second, re-use materials where possible.
  • Third, if re-use is not possible, recycle the waste materials.
  • Fourth, if recycling is not possible, trade the waste as secondary products.
  • Fifth, if not possible, incinerate all remaining waste.
  • Only as a last resort, dispose of waste – and only inert materials.


  • Reduce the use of paper.
  • Reduce packaging as much as possible.
  • Prioritize digital channels as most as possible.

Energy and Water

  • Reduce the amount of energy and water used.
  • Switch off the equipment and lights, when not in use.
  • Increase energy efficiency of equipment and infrastructure.
  • Re-use water as much as possible.


  • Reduce the need to travel.
  • Increase efficiency on planning transports, avoiding extra trips.

We are driven to reduce our impact upon the environment by making socially and environmentally conscious investments, striving for eco-friendly efficient solutions, showing both an economic benefit and a reduction in the environmental burden.