Custom Made Sets

Increase your efficiency

  • Are cost efficient
  • Create less waste
  • Reduce preparation time
  • Reduce the risk of cross infection
  • Increase the warehouse management efficiency
  • Can include our Steriflush® pre-filled syringes
  • Can include single use steel instruments
In our 1.000 m2, ISO 7 cleanroom in Portugal, thousands of medical sets and procedure packs are produced daily, under close supervision of our highly qualified quality department. For each procedure, we can manufacture the right single use set or procedure pack. Build your medical set, tailored to your individual needs choosing your components from our component catalogue



No, there are restrictions. Our component catalog contains all components that are approved, to add in a set. Foreign products can be added after approval of our purchasing- and QA department.

ETO or Radiation (e-beam) sterilization

Yes, our custom made sets and our standard sets do.

First of all we more and more use recyclable products in our sets, such as PP trays and bowls. Next to that is a custom set producing a lot less packaging compared to the same components all individually packed.

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