Seawater Nasal Spray

Increase your efficiency

  • NaCl and 100% Seawater formulations (0.9% and 2.2%)
  • Wide range of sizes (Between 50ml and 200ml)
  • Bag on Valve Technology
  • All types of actuators for infants, babies, kids or adults

Our team is experienced in developing and manufacturing liquid medical devices over 30 years.

The products are being manufactured under strict 13485 standards and CE granted by BSI as our proud notify body. We assure the quality of our products in our factory located in Lisbon, Portugal.

We focus on business to business. Accessible minimum order quantities help small companies to launch their own brands.

Next to the variety of sizes, we offer pre-printed cans or white bottle + labels options, depending on our market target and company needs. Your actuator can be customized if a jet or mist application is needed. The color the actuator can be customized, you can add multiple actuators for multiple end users.

With the Bag On Valve technology (BOV) we seize plenty of advantages like:

  • Conservation of the product
  • Application upside-down
  • Usage of the whole content, no waste

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the development of this product in your own brand.



SNS : Sterile non sterile

S : Full Sterile inside

SNS are specifically designed for flushing vascular access devices that are not in a sterile field.

S versions are designed for flushing vascular acces devices within a sterile field.

Yes, all Steriflush® PFS are Bisphenol A free.

All syringes used in any type of procedure cannot be re-used. So the inclusion of a short piston to avoid re-use is pointless.

Yes, Steriflush® syringe must not be used for drug reconstitution. Please see IFU.

Yes, Steriflush® PFS do not generate overpressure. The diameter size is provided in the table below:


Type                                   Inner diameter                                                   Outer diameter

3 ML Syringe         -        8,6 mm, tolerance 0,1mm +/-            -            10,30 mm, tolerance 01,+-

5 ML Syringe         -        11,6 mm, tolerance 0,1mm +/-           -            13,80 mm, tolerance 01,+-

10 ML Syringe       -        13,9 mm, tolerance 0,1mm +/-           -           16,05 mm, tolerance 01,+-

20 ML Syringe       -        18,5 mm, tolerance 0,1mm +/-           -          21,05 mm, tolerance 01,+-

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