Dialysis Concentrates

Increase your efficiency

  • Wide range of formulations under 1+34 and 1+44 concentrations
  • Wide range of sizes (5L, 11L, 600L and 1000L)
  • Rigid and disposable containers
  • Acetic acid formulations

Our Sterifluids team is experienced in developing and manufacturing hemodialysis concentrations over 30 years. The products are being manufactured under strict 13485 standards and CE granted by BSI as our proud notify body. 

All hemodialysis formulas and concentrations we manufacture are compatible and widely used around the world, adjusting each variation to each type of patient.

In the wide range of sizes we can supply the hemodialysis concentrates we have the following options for use on a single patient or in a distribution system:

  • 5L and 11L jerrycans
  • 600L and 1000L rigid containers
  • 1000L disposable carton containers

Please contact us for your desired formulation.




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