Isolation Gowns

Increase your efficiency

  • Easy to use
  • Different caps
  • Clear description on the syringes
  • S = Sterile inside and outside, to be used in a sterile field
  • SNS = sterile inside, non sterile outside
  • Barcode printed
  • Anti reflux 

Sterifluids well known in the medical device industry. With the experience of manufacturing pre-filled syringes for many years. Sterifluids has developed a new production line for our pre-filled syringes. The whole process is performed in a cleanroom ( ISO 5 ) environment and is fully automated. All the syringes are terminally sterilized for safe usage.

The colour of the closure caps and labels indicates the volume, helping to easily identify each size.

Alle the pre-filled saline syringes are easy to use, anti reflux, have clear labels and are barcode printed. They go through five steps. The whole process is done in a cleanroom ISO 5 environment and is fully automated.

  1. Filling
  2. labelling
  3. Inspecting
  4. Packing
  5. Sterilizing

Sterisets is now producing complete sets, where the pre-filled saline syringes are inserted in the pack to save even more time and money. Some examples of procedure sets: Catheterization sets, dialysis on/off sets, hemodialysis sets, etc.



Yes they do:

Class 1 is AAMI level 1

Class 2 is AAMI level 2

Class 3 is AAMI level 3

Class 4 is AAMI level 4

We can make you a proposal in case of significant volumes.

PP is more environmentally friendly in production, and therefore causes less water and air pollution than PVC. PP can be reused and recycled.

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